Acoustic Cum Fire Wooden Door


The Acoustic Cum Fire Wooden Door is a fire-resistant, soundproof door made of up wood, which makes them cheaper compared to Acoustic Fire Metal Doors. At Envirotech Systems, the  Acoustic Wooden Fire Door has been constructed the same way as a Standard Wooden Fire Door with an addition of the Automatic Drop Seal for the bottom horizontal plane and silicon self-adhesive seals on the sides of the panel for perfect fitting and preventing any noise leakage.

Envirotech Systems Limited fabricated Acoustic Cum Fire Wooden Door has an STC Rating of 35 to 50 and a fire rating of 60 / 120 minutes confirming BS: 476 part 22/IS-3614 Part 2. The door frames are made up of good-quality wood. The section dimensions are 125 x 75 mm fitted with a ‘D’ type rubber gasket to block any possible noise leakage from the gap.

They are used wherever high sound reduction performance is required. Wooden Acoustic doors are doors that block airborne noise and are used in places where noise is very loud or privacy requirements are necessary. Wooden Acoustic doors are manufactured from suitable Wooden sections to suit the size of the door opening. We manufacture the doors in bulk based on the latest industry standards. They are finished products ready to be installed easily.

Wooden Fire Doors Manufacturer

We also take particular specifications from our clients, if they have any, and manufacture the doors to match those. We are capable of taking bulk orders and delivering in a quick turnaround time. A team of proficient designers and engineers is set to cater to your requirement for soundproof as well as fire-resistant doors. Contact us today for the best quotes.

Specification of Wooden Fire Doors

Door Type: Wooden Fire Door
Fire Rating: 60mins/ 120 mins
Shutter Thickness: 50 mm / 55 mm
Door Size: 120mm x 70 mm – for 60 mins 140mm x 70 mm – for 120 mins
Infill Material: Fireproof material
Testing standards: BS 476 Part 20-22, IS 3614 Part 2
Tested From: QMC govt Lab / Haryana

Uses Acoustic Wooden Fire Doors

Home Theatre, Auditorium Acoustics, DJ Room Acoustics, Audiometric Room, Conference Room.