Acoustic Wall Tiles

Envirotech Systems Limited Manufacture Acoustic Wall tiles that are fabric laminated & without fabric laminated multi-color acoustic tiles. Echo Stop Acoustic Wall Tiles offer excellent sound control performance by providing high sound absorption.

These tiles are Micro-perforated which provides high sound absorption properties. The lightweight base makes installation easy. Envirotech acoustic tiles and Panels are inherently resistant to the growth of mold and mildew, and fire resistance is recommended for high-humidity areas.

Our Envirotech Acoustic Wall Tiles are fabric laminated and available in multi-color, Acoustic tiles are also available without fabric. The thickness of the tile is 15 mm and has a high-performance NRC of 0.95. Envirotech Acoustic Wall Tile is good thermal insulation, effectively blocks the diffusion of cold and hot air indoors, reduces the external temperature on the impact of indoor temperature, balances the temperature difference, and effectively saves energy It has thermal conductivity TR≥ 0.39(m2. K/W).

Acoustic Wall Tiles keeps the room noise-free

Acoustic Wall Tiles keeps the room noise-free and also controls the transmission of noise to the adjacent rooms through the walls. A quiet room even with a considerable number of people in it is an outstanding pleasure. Noiselessness results in a focused and calm environment which is the best-suited environment for work or communication. It enhances productivity to a much higher extent.

Envirotech Systems, we design, produce, and supply Acoustic Wall Tiles that provide the best noise control. They enhance the beauty of the room and are available in all shapes and sizes. Our Acoustic Wall tiles are recommended by the experts of the industry for their beauty, effectiveness, robustness, and durability. The tiles are made damage-resistant, weather-resistant as well as external factor-resistant so that they last longer than average acoustic wall tiles available in the market.

Uses / Application

Envirotech acoustical ceiling tiles having high NRC value, widely used in Auditorium, Multiplexes, Home Theatre, Lecture Hall, Library, Gymnasium, Hospital, School, Shopping centers, Office buildings, IT Sector, Airports, Recording Studio, Conference Hall, Lecturer Halls, BPO’s, Offices, etc.