Acoustic Window


Envirotech Systems Limited Acoustic Window is a proven effective solution for outside noise. The acoustic windows can be fitted in the existing window frame with ease and block a considerable amount of noise be it traffic noise or any other sort of noise outside. They are durable and suitable to be used in multiple environments. Envirotech Systems designed Acoustic Window is tested for performance and are certified as an ideal soundproofing solution for your windows. The Envirotech Systems Acoustic Window is a proven effective solution for outside noise, offering the latest in window technology.

Our Acoustic Windows are ideal to be used in recording studios, commercial windows, the industrial sector, military training areas as well as victim and interrogation rooms. They help to create better working spaces for designers, architects, and builders. The specialty of Envirotech Systems’ designed Acoustic Windows is that they are budget-friendly and high-performance noise control windows with STC ratings up to 58. We provide custom-engineered Acoustic Windows that are manufactured to fit any size. They can be installed with ease and speed.

Acoustic Windows Manufacturer

We have a proven track record in terms of quality and turnaround time. Our designed Acoustic Windows are here to meet your entire requirement related to outside noise blockage while enjoying the view. Our team of trained experts at Envirotech Systems is here to address your concerns. Get in touch with us today for the best deals on Acoustic Windows. We provide a proven effective solution for outside noise and can reduce unwanted outside noise by creating a virtual acoustically sealed area.

Specifications Acoustic Windows: 

Window Type: Acoustic Window Fix Type
Window frame:100 x 50 mm or customize
Infill Material: Sound Proof Insulation material
Window Size: 900×2100, 1800×2100, or customize glass
Thickness: 23mm & 27mmAcoustic performance: 43 STC
Tested From: QMC Govt laboratory Haryana
Hardware: Acoustic Seals, Fastener
Finish: Powder Coating in desired RAL Shade Code