Fire Glass (Pyroguard)

Envirotech Fire Glass (Pyroguard) provides protection from fire, flames, and smoke. These threats put the safe evacuation of people and the protection of property at risk. Delivering Integrity protection against fire for up to 120 minutes, Pyroguard Rapide E120 is a ‘tried & tested’, cuttable, easy-to-install solution.

The best fire protection for your home is achieved by combining three essential elements: fire containment, fire suppression, and fire protection. Keep your family and home safe with the best in fire protection by investing in a Fire Glass Pyroguards system. Pyroguard glass is typically rated for 45 minutes in lite sizes up to 9 square feet (1,296 square inches). Pyroguard Glass with a fire rating greater than 45 minutes is restricted to 100-square-inch lites indoors with temperature-rise criteria.

Pyroguard T EW 120 – 13mm glass

Glass – Pyroguard make clear, toughened, interlayered, non-wired fire-resistant having a minimum 13 mm thickness of approved brand with 120 minutes of fire resistance both integrity & radiation control (EW120) and a minimum of 20 min of insulation (EI15) and having sound reduction of ≥37dB and LT of 86%.

Glass shall be compliant with class 2(B)2 category of Impact Resistance as per EN 12600. The maximum glazing size cannot be more than 1140 mm x 2200mm (w x h) or 2.42 sqm in total area.

The test report for the complete system (Glazed Door or Partition) will be considered valid only if it contains the stamp and signature of the authorized signatory from the glass manufacturer

  • Classified EW 120/EI 20 which is as per the latest NBC codes and DSR.
  • Tested for bigger sizes.
  • Tested with local frame manufacturers.

Pyroguard Rapide E 120 11mm glass:

  • Stocked in India for easy availability.
  • Certification from a NABL-accredited lab.
  • Better safety and acoustic features as against conventional vision panel glasses are available.
  • Maximum Size Possible: 300mm X 300mm.

Fire Glass is a special type of glass if a fire breaks out in your home or building, the fire glass will remain intact and allow for escape. Fire glass is such a useful product for buildings that it’s now required by law in many cities. With our range of fire glass, you can be sure your building will be safe from the dangers of high temperatures.

Application:– Building, Fire Corridors, Restaurants, Internal Partitions, Refurbishment Glazing.