Metallic Noise Barrier

Envirotech systems Metallic Noise Barrier are normally made based on factors, such as aesthetics, durability, maintenance, cost, and the desires of the public. In its design, Envirotech carefully considers the visual character of noise barriers in the surrounding area and environmental setting, so as to reflect the character of their surroundings as much as possible. Metallic Noise Barrier is made of galvanized steel panels which makes them soundproof. The boards cover vertically between studs produced using steel profiles.

With the ever-increasing noise pollution in the environment due to the advancements in technology and invention, the need for an economical noise barrier is inevitable. To address this concern, the noise barriers that are also appealing to the eyes, are available at the most economical rates at Envirotech Systems.

Metallic Noise Barrier Manufacturer

The metallic noise barrier works perfectly outdoors. It is well-suited for highway noise barrier, airport noise barrier, railway noise barrier and metro noise barrier, industrial noise, construction site noise barrier, road noise barrier, and any other outdoor noisy environment. There are two types of metallic noise barriers based on the use of noise reflective barriers.

A metallic noise barrier can be one-sided with the noise reflective barrier on one side or two-sided with the noise reflective barrier on both sides. It is lightweight and hence, easy to install. It can be made up of steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. The cost is largely affected based on which material has been used.

The metallic noise barrier designed and fabricated at Envirotech Systems is made up of galvanized steel or aluminum to ensure they are weather-resistant. The barrier sheets are UV coated which keeps them unaffected by the adverse environment. Noise Barriers are soundproof and ensure no noise is leaked.

One of the most appreciated features of our metallic noise barriers is it is lightweight, which makes them the best choice for installation on the places like a bridge, flyovers, and overhead metro lines. At Envirotech, we keep in mind the purpose of your choice of a certain product and ensure it is met to the highest degree.

Envirotech System Limited, a leading metallic noise barriers manufacturer in India. We understands the disruption caused by unwanted noise. We offer a comprehensive range of high-performance solutions to create a quieter environment for you. Our team of noise control specialists is here to help.

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