Acoustic Louver/Silencer

Acoustic Louver/Silencer are used for sound attenuation in the openings of the acoustic enclosures. All enclosures require a certain number of openings as air inlets, exhaust or air outlets, and in general for ventilation and weather control inside the enclosure.

Maintaining a certain temperature and humidity level inside an enclosure is vital for the optimal performance of the unit. The Acoustical Louver/Silencer is constructed of galvanized solid and perforated steel with an acoustical fill custom designed to meet your noise control requirements.

A louvered surface reduces the transmitted sound that travels through a window or door, while still allowing in sufficient light and heat. Accommodating various shapes and sizes of plastic, wood, or metal doors, this Acoustical Louver/Silencer features high-performance air flow with excellent sound absorption while maintaining value-added versatility.