Acoustic Metal Door



Limitation of space and problem of noise go hand-in-hand. Be it work, study or entertainment environment, silence is a necessity rather than a luxury. To address the dual requirement of space management while mitigating the resultant noise, Envirotech Systems brings to you a variety of acoustic doors. One among which is the acoustic metal door.

Acoustic Metal Doors resist considerable amount of outside noise. There are many specifications of the acoustic metal doors. They are generally categorised based on the STC rating, where STC stands for Sound Transmission Class. STC Rating specifies what amount of sound is prevented from passing through the door. To put it simply, the higher the STC Rating, the more sound resistant the door is.

Envirotech Systems designed acoustic doors are made up of steel and are both single and double leaved. The STC rating of these doors is 44 STC. These doors are constructed as per the test conducted by National Physical Laboratory. These comprise of MS pipe frame of 100 x 50 dimensions. The hollow portion of the pipe is filled with Rock wool to prevent the noise transmission. The Envirotech Systems designed Acoustic Metal Doors can be efficiently used in commercial, industrial, educational and entertainment premises like theatre and production houses. Call us today to get the best deal on Acoustic Metal Door of your choice.