Acoustic Enclosure for Fin Press

Fin Press machines generate a lot of noise and vibrations that is why it required a special sound enclosure to make a noise-free environment to work around.

We design an acoustic enclosure for fin press with scientific precision according to the specification of the punch press or machine. Acoustic Enclosure protects us from the harmful effects of high levels of noise.




The Fin Presses produce dangerously high amount of noise, leading to unpleasant environment and health hazards. To deal with this issue, EnviroTech Systems brings to you the most-effective acoustic enclosures for Fin Press. Envirotech Systems engineered Acoustic Enclosures are proven to absorb sound, isolate noise, dampen vibrations and control reverberations resulting to the creation of desirable environment.


Our Acoustic Enclosures are designed to meet ISO 14001 norms of environment. They are modular so that they can be disassembled and assembled as and when required. Panels are used in such a way that they can be opened and the press can be accessed easily for maintenance and cleaning. Our Acoustic Enclosures for Fin Press provide up to 25-40+ DBA sound reduction. They have acoustically treated air flow system for ventilation. Proper visibility inside the equipment for necessary readings is also considered. They are made fireproof and damage resistant.


We take and fulfil bulk orders for Acoustic Enclosures. Our designed Acoustic Enclosures for Fin Press meet all general requirements of an acoustic enclosure along with any special requirement. Let us know what you are looking for and we will have a dedicated team work on it to provide you with the custom solution at affordable rates.