Acoustic Enclosure for Punch Press

We offer acoustic enclosures for heavy Noise generating machines which are designed with perfection and accuracy to each and every intricate detail. Even the minutest of the specification is paid due attention while producing these so that the flawless can easily be provided to the client. Our acoustic enclosure reduces noise and meets the ISO 14001 norms for the environment.



Like any other industrial equipment, punch presses also produce noise in huge amount. This emission is usually above the permissible levels as per the environment guidelines. The noise has adverse effect on the environment and public health as a whole. Such an environment is not good for the workers in the long run. There are multiple health hazards that result due to the prolonged exposure in noisy environment. To prevent such hazards, acoustic enclosures are used to control the amount of noise emission for the equipment’s that produce noise.

At Envirotech Systems, our team of expert engineers design the best in the market acoustic enclosures for punch press. These enclosures are fabricated in such a way that they meet the required noise control while providing access to the equipment for maintenance and cleanliness as well as give an aesthetic look to the punch press. The materials that are used to construct the acoustic enclosures are tested, tried and trusted by the industry experts. All the parts are acoustically treated. These precautions make the acoustic enclosure as per the ISO 14001 specifications.
We are capable of fulfilling bulk orders in quick turnaround time as we have years of experience in designing, producing and delivering acoustic enclosures. We cater to our client’s specific requirements as well. Contact us today for the best deals in acoustic enclosures for punch press.