Audiometric Chamber

Audiometric Chambers are used by audiologists and speech-language pathologists to conduct error-free hearing tests. The Audiometric Chambers manufactured by Envirotech Systems Private Limited are widely used by the professionals of the field with utmost satisfaction with the quality of product. Our unique design makes it unbelievably fit for the tests, amicable space for the professionals and relaxed environment for the patients, hence, meeting the requirements for all and sundry.



Our understanding of the design and knowledge of stringent science combine to meet both the practical and the empirical needs of Audiometric Chambers for audiologists, acousticians and architects. We take measures to make the chamber as comfortable as possible by taking care of everything, big or small. For an instance, in the hassle of getting the acoustic part right, we do not ignore the lighting and so the windows are sound-proof while letting in sufficient light. In order to ensure that the door shuts tight and there is no noise leakage, we use magnetic seal on the door.

We provide consultation to our clients. Once the requirement is thoroughly understood, we carry out design, fabrication and installation of Audiometric Chambers. Our Audiometric Chambers have double-wall with structurally isolated inner room that offers high level of attenuation. The sound control level is eighty and complies with ISO standard for Hearing screening. We incorporate specialist cabling, silent ventilation, and take measures to keep patient’s consultation private. The size and specifications of the chamber is customised based on the requirements.

Envirotech Systems is here to cater to your requirement of the Audiometric Chamber with its team of experts. Get in touch with us now for details.