Noise test booth

Noise Test Booth, also known as Sound Test Chamber, is one of the most-effective solutions of redundant noise. It is widely used to control the surrounding noise as well as reduce the noise of the machineries and equipments. Noise Test Booth reduces sound reflections hence aiding with the increment in the accuracy of intensity measurement.



The extraneous and unpleasant sound is a by-product of many technology as well as equipments. As much as one desires the comfort and credibility that a technology brings into their lives, the noise that comes along is equally detested. This is when a well-engineered Noise Test Booth eliminates all those noises and helps one actually enjoy the benefits of that technology.

As far as the use of Noise Test Booth in machineries and equipments goes, these are largely used to check as well as control the reverberation and engine noise in automotive sector, engine rooms,  air-conditioner, horn manufacturing, refrigeration units , picture tube manufacturing units, fan, motors & compressors manufacturing units, speaker testing and so on.

At Envirotech System Private Limited, we ensure you get the most-reliable, best-performing, low maintenance requiring and well-ventilated Noise Test Booths which operate absolutely noiselessly, contain internal lighting and also have advanced door that closes automatically so that neither the energy nor the noise is leaked. Get in touch with us today for the best deals on Noise Test Booth.