Semi Anechoic Chamber

Semi Anechoic Chambers are the Anechoic Chambers modified to be used for heavy equipments. These Chambers are the Anechoic Chambers with free field conditions above a reflective plane. That is to say, above a certain frequency, all sound waves that hit the walls or ceiling of the chamber will be absorbed. It is a practical, innovative, efficient and economical solution used for testing and developing electrical equipments, auto parts testing and vehicle testing as it creates a monitored environment with the ambient acoustic, leading to the ideal version of the real world.



One of the specialities of Semi Anechoic Chambers is that they have sound and electromagnetic wave absorbent walls and ceiling with grating floor section and so, they can be used for testing and development of the heavy weight equipments.  For an instance, they are used in recording rooms and for filming movie scenes. They are also widely used as project laboratory or computer laboratory as well as listening room.

Our Semi Anechoic Chambers reliable, sturdy in nature and well-suited for all your requirements. We also provide custom designed chambers in various size and specifications. Our team of experts are here to cater to your needs. Contact us now for details.