Echo Barrier

Envirotech is Provide a noise barrier with easy installation, light in weight, and durable The Echo Barrier (H9) ™ is a portable acoustic barrier that offers excellent noise reduction and absorption. Effective in the harshest environments. The Echo barrier H9 is durable, lightweight, water, fire, UV, and temperature resistant.

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Echo Barrier is a portable acoustic barrier that provides excellent noise reduction and absorption in environment, no matter how harsh it is. Echo Barrier Noise Control System is fabricated to absorb sound (particularly important when you are working inside an enclosed structure with a roof), rather than just reflecting it.

It has been accurately proven to reduce noise by up to 43dB in the laboratory, and 15-32dB in different field conditions independently. Factually estimating, 15-30dB is a 95%-99.99% sound energy reduction which results in the noise created ‘sounding’ 60-88% quieter to the human ear.

Noise mitigation is a necessary step these days in any industry for the sake of harmony in the environment. By controlling noise pollution, one can save up to $100 per worker on worker compensation. To meet the standards set by federal, regional and local regulators also, we need to control noise in our production as well as commercial environment. It is estimated that over 900 million people will have hearing disability by 2050 due to ongoing noise pollution. Hence, it is our social responsibility as well, to mitigate the noise that is produced in our working/living environment.

Echo Barrier products are made up of extremely durable, high quality and waterproof PVC. They are light-weight. The membrane is waterproof that lets in sound to be absorbed but keeps water out. These can be used at construction site, public transport road and rail networks, energy and utilities production area, music, sports and public events, airports and helicopters, mining, oil and gas production, demolition, farming, refits and refurbishments, hospitals and schools, restaurants and bars, indoor conferences and any other place that need noise mitigation. Contact us today to get the most widely used, cost effective and the best performing Echo Barrier products.