Glass Sliding Folding Partition

We are a foremost organization for providing a diverse grade of Glass Sliding Folding Partitions to our valued customers. We offer this at nominal costs. These sliding folding partitions are ideal for both interior and exterior usage.



Glass Sliding Folding Partition is the most-ideal option for office environment. Glass is pleasing to eyes. It lets in enough light. Our glass sliding folding partition prevents noise from entering the enclosed space while letting in enough light, hence contributing to eyes pleasing appearance with bright and open space. This creates the ideal environment for an office.

Envirotech Systems design and fabricate the glass sliding folding partitions that have advanced folding mechanism for up to six frameless glass panels. These sliding folding partitions are ideal for both interior and exterior usage. They are easy to use as they are designed by keeping trouble free operation in mind. They have integrated bolt lock for security purposes.  The panels are connected using a hinge system. All these specialties make our glass sliding folding partition the best-suited sliding folding partition for your amicable office space.

We have plethora of glass sliding folding partition for you to opt for. Be it desired sound insulation or appearance or both, we have options available based on both the criteria. Ranging from simple glass partition walls with single-glazed glass and minimal sound insulation, to ingenious double-glazed glass partition walls with sound insulation and aesthetics being the most important features, name it and let us present you the expert selected product for you.