Envirotech Vertical Fold Partition retractable folding acoustic walls provide state-of-the-art acoustics. When not in use, the panels store neatly in the ceiling. They do not have any floor, wall tracks, or visible hinges. They are lightweight and facilitate noiseless operation.



Space management often comes with the bargain of losing good looks. The options available in the industry may not go well with the interior one is having. To cope with this, we bring to you Envirotech Acoustic Vertical Fold Partition that is more than a way to incorporate partition; that is a design piece which adds amazing aesthetics to your office, classroom or auditorium.  Envirotech designed Vertical Fold Partitions are specially engineered acoustic walls which provide a unique way to divide space by means of vertical retractable folding panels, so that when not in use, it is neatly stacked in the ceiling.

Our Acoustic Vertical Fold Partitions are fully automatic. They do not have any floor, wall tracks or visible hinges. They are lightweight and facilitate with noiseless operation. Anybody can use them easily with bare minimum efforts. They have industry-leading STC ratings. They can be used in stepped and sloped spaces. They retract to ceiling when not in use, hence optimizing the use of space. They are flat, rigid and fabricated in a way to make them last longer. In addition to these salient features, we offer variety of finish options to go with your existing interior design.

Our Acoustic Vertical Fold Partition will tick all the boxes of your requirements related to division of the area. Let us know what you are looking for and our team will get at work to deliver you the best acoustic vertical fold partition available in the industry at budget-friendly rates.  Get in touch with us now for more details.