Semi Anechoic Chamber

Envirotech Semi Anechoic Chamber is the Anechoic chamber modified to be used for heavy equipment. These Chambers are the Anechoic Chambers with free field conditions above a reflective plane. That is to say, above a certain frequency, all sound waves that hit the walls or ceiling of the chamber will be absorbed.

It is a practical, innovative, efficient, and economical solution used for testing and developing electrical equipment, auto parts testing, and vehicle testing as it creates a monitored environment with ambient acoustic, leading to the ideal version of the real world.

One of the specialties of Semi Anechoic Chambers is that they have sound and electromagnetic wave absorbent walls and ceilings with grating floor sections and so, they can be used for testing and development of heavy-weight equipment.  For an instance, they are used in recording rooms and for filming movie scenes. They are also widely used as project laboratories or computer laboratories as well as listening rooms.

Our Semi Anechoic Chambers and anechoic chamber are reliable, sturdy in nature, and well-suited for all your requirements. We also provide custom-designed chambers in various sizes and specifications. Our team of experts is here to cater to your needs. Contact us now for details.

Anechoic Chamber Manufacturer

Construction and Design:

Semi-anechoic chambers are typically constructed of metal or concrete and lined with sound-absorbing materials such as fiberglass, foam, or perforated metal. The floor of the chamber is often raised on stilts to prevent any vibration from reaching the ground and affecting the measurement results. The room is designed to be as symmetrical as possible to minimize standing waves and other reflections.

Measurement Techniques:

Measurements in a semi-anechoic chamber are typically performed using a combination of microphones, accelerometers, and other specialized measurement equipment. The sound sources and test objects are placed in the center of the room, and the microphones are positioned around the perimeter to capture the sound. The results are then analyzed using specialized software to determine the acoustical and vibration performance of the test object.


The main advantage of a semi-anechoic chamber is its ability to accurately measure sound and vibration in a controlled environment. By eliminating the effects of reflections, the chamber provides a more accurate representation of the true acoustical performance of a product, allowing manufacturers to identify and address any issues before the product is released to the market.