Acoustic Enclosure For Blower

Envirotech is an Indian manufacturer of high-performance positive displacement Acoustic Enclosure for Blower. In the beginning, almost all blowers were of the type, whose major shortcomings were high noise, excessive vibration, and lower efficiency. Envirotech acoustic enclosure for blower is designed & promoted by a team of Indian Mechanical Engineers in the global industry.
Envirotech Systems design acoustic enclosure for the blower and is a leading producer of acoustic enclosures in India. The blowers produce a high amount of noise. The controlled emission of such a high amount of noise is managed by using a hood or enclosure for the blowers. By using Envirotech Systems-designed acoustic enclosures, the noise level can be reduced to the permissible level very effectively. We provide custom solutions as the acoustic enclosure of one type cannot suit all sort of requirements. The specifications and dimensions vary and we are equipped with expertise to cater to all of them.

Acoustic Enclosure

Our acoustic enclosure for blowers is robust. The design is kept simple to be used and appealing to the eyes. We keep aesthetics in consideration while designing the acoustic enclosures. They are made lightweight and corrosion-resistant. All the parts are acoustically treated. Our esteemed clients have achieved up to 50-60% quietness with the use of these acoustic enclosures for the blowers. Envirotech acoustic enclosures are heat and oil-resistant. At Envirotech Systems, the products are made to last longer.

The design of the blower enclosure is simple yet caters to all the requirements of the client. Dual doors in the front and rear of the enclosure allow ease of access to the blower.

The doors are lined on the sides with a gasket that seals the sound. The doors are mounted on special hinges. We also provide a ventilation fan, optionally, which can be utilized to throw out the hot air and draw in the cool air. Our team of experts are here to gather all your requirements and provide you with the best solution for your acoustic enclosure needs. Get in touch with us now for the best deals in acoustic enclosures for blowers.