Acoustic Enclosure For Machines

The use of Acoustic Enclosure For Machines reduces the amount of noise emitted from them largely. By using the Envirotech Systems-made acoustic enclosures, you can achieve even better control over the amount of noise emitted. Our components are tested in high-end laboratories and have been proven to reach the highest noise reduction requirements, from STC 25 up to 55.

These enclosures not only control noise emission but also provide additional features like vibration isolation, chemical resistance, dust control, humidity, and temperature control among many other features.The use of Envirotech Systems-made acoustic enclosures for machines doesn’t make the machine inaccessible. The operators or maintenance workers can easily get in the enclosure when required.

Our acoustic enclosures fit the machine and are designed by keeping the visibility of the required readings and gauges, hatches, maintenance access, heat and humidity control, and discharge of wastage, in mind. The machine can be dismantled and reassembled for maintenance. All the parts that are used in the enclosure are acoustically treated so as not to let any noise escape the acoustic enclosure


The enclosure is equipped with a lighting level of 300 LUX which allows plenty of visibility inside the enclosure. We have a custom solution for all your acoustic enclosure requirements at budget-friendly rates. Let us know what you are looking for and we will deliver the best product to suit your needs. Contact us today for more details.

Machine Enclosure Manufacturer

  • Cutouts for pipes, wires, and cables
  • Double-glazed glass windows for light and visibility. This can be wire treated if required
  • Doors with gasket seals to prevent the leakage of noise
  • Air vents with louvers for ventilation that have acoustic treatment
  • Removable panels for repair and maintenance of the machine especially if the enclosure is small
  • The enclosure has a lighting level of 300 LUX which allows plenty of visibility inside the enclosure.