Mini/Portable Anechoic Chamber

Envirotech Systems designed Mini/Portable Anechoic Chamber is ready to use as they are fully assembled. They are custom-designed and manufactured to almost all sizes and specifications. They are ideal for both product development and quality control testing. Mini Anechoic Chambers are low-cost options for an anechoic chamber.

Our unique design provides optimal performance because of which these chambers give accurate results repetitively. Compared to the Mini/Portable Anechoic Chamber, Anechoic chamber, Mini Anechoic chambers take less time to be designed and constructed. These miniature versions of Anechoic chambers possess all the goodness of Anechoic chambers and have their own special advantage of being small in size and taking less space.

Mini/Portable Anechoic Chambers are widely used by manufacturers of small components and devices as compact, low-cost testing environments to perform tests and measure the noise emission of their products accurately and seamlessly. They are portable versions of the Anechoic chamber.

They are small and handy to be used for repetitive and accurate testing till the desired result is achieved. The Mini Anechoic Chambers designed by Envirotech Systems are being used for developing and testing telecom equipment, cell phones, speakers, household appliances, motors, fans, computer disk drives, medical instruments, and many other devices and equipment.

Our team of well-versed engineers and designers is all set to equip you with the mini/portable anechoic chamber just as per your requirement. Let us know what you are looking for and we will respond to you shortly with the list of options, custom created for you.

Mini Anechoic Chamber Manufacturer in India

These mini anechoic chambers are typically made of a combination of materials that are highly effective in absorbing sound waves and reducing background noise. The interior of the chamber is lined with specially designed foam panels or wedge-shaped structures that are placed in a pyramid configuration to absorb sounds coming from different directions.

The portable aspect of these chambers is particularly useful for on-site testing, allowing for measurements to be taken at the location of the device under test, without the need to transport it to a laboratory. Additionally, the compact design of these chambers makes them suitable for use in small research facilities, universities, and even in homes for personal audio testing.

Mini/portable anechoic chambers are equipped with various measurement instruments such as microphones, sound level meters, audio analyzers, and other specialized equipment. These tools are used to capture and analyze data from the device under test, providing accurate and reliable measurements that are essential for the development and improvement of audio and acoustic products