Acoustic Louver For cooling tower

Envirotech Acoustic Louver For cooling tower are used to bring down the noise emission level of the cooling tower to the maximum level. They provide high performance and are recommended by industry experts. We have installed thousands of acoustic louvers country-wide and we continue to bring the best in the industry at pocket-friendly rates under the supervision of our experienced engineers.

We produce and supply robust and rugged Acoustic Louvers for the cooling towers as they are made up of the best quality materials like stainless steel, aluminum, etc. They are available in various depths, in both single and double-banked versions. We use a perforated splitter underside for maximum sound absorption.

They are filled with inert, vermin-proof, weather-rated, non-combustible acoustically treated fill. Chillers and cooling towers emit noise that is beyond the permissible limit. For sound control, a chiller needs to be placed inside an enclosure. In order to prevent rain or snow entry, a weather stop is used. This acoustic louver is designed to be installed on the side of a small cooling tower by standing off from the side of the cooling tower wall. We are manufacturer of Acoustic Enclosure in Pan India.

Our Acoustic Louver For cooling towers is available in a variety of durable, attractive finishes, for example. vinyl-coated steel, polyester powder paint, mill finish aluminum, Syntha Pulvin, galvanized, and stainless steel; hence making them sturdy while keeping them aesthetically good-looking. Contact us today for more details. Acoustic louvers for the cooling tower are the best option to help you keep the tower cool. Envirotech Acoustic Louver For cooling towers reduce noise exiting a building and are a part of the intake or exhaust of industrial ventilation systems. This kind of louver will help you cut the tower’s cooling costs by up to 70%.