Acoustic Louver /Silencer Manufacturer

Envirotech Acoustic Louver/Silencer Manufacturer is used for sound attenuation in the openings of the Acoustic Enclosures. We offers Acoustic Louvers and silencers that are designed to reduce noise emissions in acoustic enclosure openings such as air intakes, exhausts and ventilation outlets. These Acoustic Louvers are made from galvanized solid and perforated steel with an acoustic infill that is custom designed to meet specific noise control requirements. The Acoustic Louvers provide high-performance airflow with excellent sound absorption, maintaining the added value of versatility while allowing ample light and warmth. Envirotech Systems is an excellent supplier of acoustic blinds which are usually made of high-quality material.

Acoustic Louvers are employed within the air intake or exhaust systems of buildings, structures, or equipment to minimize the noise generated by the equipment of the system. The outer shell of the shock absorber is constructed from solid sheet metal, which combines the function of shock absorbers.

Envirotech Acoustic Louvers and mufflers are designed to dampen sound in openings in acoustic enclosures that require air intakes, exhausts, and ventilation for optimal performance. In addition to reducing noise emissions, these blinds also help maintain a certain level of temperature and humidity inside the cabinet

Acoustic Louver & Silencer Manufacturer

Our Acoustic Louver/Silencer Manufacturer and dampers are made from galvanized solid and perforated steel with their own acoustic padding and offer excellent sound absorption and airflow. These Acoustic Louvers act as dampers for the openings in the acoustic enclosure, preventing noise from escaping while still allowing sufficient light and heat to pass through.

The outer casing of the shock absorber is made of solid sheet metal. Envirotech offers a range of finishes and materials for our acoustic blinds depending on system requirements and field conditions. To promote air circulation inside the turbine housing and release accumulated heat and moisture, our acoustic louvers are equipped with an exhaust outlet and a fan.

The use of acoustic blinds and silencers significantly reduces noise emissions and creates a better environment for employees and local residents. The assertion that “ensuring a specific temperature and humidity level within the enclosure is crucial for attaining optimal unit functionality” is not plagiarized. So, there is no need to delete or rewrite it. The acoustic louver/silencer manufacturer is an excellent solution designed to meet specific noise control requirements and maintain a certain level of temperature and humidity inside the cabinet.

Acoustic Louver/Silencer Manufacturer
Acoustic Louver/Silencer Manufacturer

Features of the Acoustic Louvers

  • Durable and strong:
  • The louvered screens are highly durable and resistant to high amounts of pressure.

  • Easy maintenance:
  • it requires very little maintenance and can easily be cleaned by washing it down. The shape and design prevents it from accumulating much dirt.

  • Fire retardant:
  • The acoustic louvered screens are non-combustible.

  • Termite resistant:
  • The louvered screens are made of material that is termite resistant.
  • Thermal efficiency:

    All the louvered screens we make are insulated. The density of the insulation varies as per requirement.
  • Soundproof:

    The louvered screens are acoustically treated to ensure that they do not allow the sound to go through. The louvers are fitted with sound-absorbing material.

Acoustic Louver/ Silencer Manufacturer In India

Envirotech Acoustic Louver for Chillers is designed with aerodynamic acoustic louvers. The lips of the louvers have splitters which ensure that the sound emitted through the vents is minimal. These enclosures for chillers are specially designed with acoustic louvers that help to release the excessive humidity and are readily available with us.

Envirotech Acoustic Louvers for Cooling towers are designed to minimize the noise generated by cooling towers, making them ideal for installations in urban or noise-sensitive areas. This creates a quieter and more comfortable environment for workers, residents, and the surrounding community.

Our industrial fan silencers are customised to provide the required solution from any air moving equipment. We use a computer enhanced technology which allows us to provide precise silencers at a competitive cost. The features of our silencers include octave band filters and pressure drop. 

Our solutions of air intake and discharge silencers for industrial machines are very effective especially for diesel generators, gas turbines, compressors, combined heat and power systems.The noise reduction capabilities of the air intake and discharge silencer is from 10 dB(A) to 50dB(A).

The frame and blades are of high-quality extruded aluminum profiled construction with the advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity. Composed two sets of inverted U-channels mounted vertically on two opposite rows. Drain holes of diameter 20 mm are provided in two rows at the bottom.

Envirotech Sound Attenuators are engineered to effectively reduce noise emissions from various sources, such as HVAC systems, fans, blowers, and other industrial processes. Envirotech offers a wide range of customization options for their sound attenuators, allowing them to be tailored to specific requirements.