Acoustic Louver/Silencer Manufacturer

An Acoustic Louver/Silencer Manufacturer is used for sound attenuation in the openings of the acoustic enclosures. All enclosures require a certain number of openings as air inlets, exhaust or air outlets, and in general for ventilation and weather control inside the enclosure.

With an acoustic louver or silencer, noise emissions can be significantly reduced, creating a better environment for employees, local residents. Maintaining a certain temperature and humidity level inside an enclosure is vital for the optimal performance of the unit. The Acoustic Louver/Silencer Manufacturer is constructed of galvanized solid and perforated steel with an acoustical fill custom designed to meet your noise control requirements.

Acoustic Louvers Spe.

A louvered surface reduces the transmitted sound that travels through a window or door, while still allowing in sufficient light and heat. Accommodating various shapes and sizes of plastic, wood, or metal doors, this Acoustical Louver/Silencer features high-performance air flow with excellent sound absorption while maintaining value-added versatility. These louvers act as silencers for the openings in the acoustic enclosure and prevent noise leakage. The acoustic louvers are usually made of high quality. Envirotech Systems is an excellent supplier of Acoustic Louver For chillers. The louvers are made using the best-quality material


Acoustic Louvers are used as part of the intake/exhaust air system of buildings, structures, or equipment to help reduce the noise produced by the system equipment. Acoustic louvers are manufactured with a choice of finishes and material options. If required by the system or in-field conditions. Acoustic Louvers Construction. Casing. The outer shell of the silencer is constructed of solid sheet metal. Manufacturer of Acoustical Enclosures – Acoustic Louvered & Sound Attenuator offered. Acoustic louvers combine the function of silencers. The Acoustic Louver is fitted with an exhaust outlet and a blower to release the build-up of heat and humidity. The air vents ensure that there is plenty of air circulation inside the turbine enclosure.