Anechoic Chamber

Envirotech offers Anechoic Chamber that is designed and manufactured to meet ISO 3744, ISO 3745, and ANSI S12.55 standards. Our range of services includes the design, manufacture, and installation of anechoic chambers, including semi-anechoic, and mini-anechoic chambers. We use high-quality materials to ensure durability and our expertise in anti-reflection foam and gussets ensures reliable and highly absorbent chambers.

We manufacture our Anechoic Chambers in India to meet strict quality standards and meet custom requirements of any size. “The quietest place on earth, the anechoic chamber at Orefield Laboratories in Minnesota, is so quiet that the longest time anyone has been in it is 45 minutes. The room is silent.”

The Anechoic Chamber is known for its extremely low levels of background noise, which can be measured at negative decibels, such as the anechoic chamber at Orefield Laboratories in Minnesota, which has a recorded background noise level of -9.4 dBA. These chambers are ideal for reducing noise in environments where a quiet space is necessary for conducting research and development work. We are an anechoic chamber manufacturer in India. We work with our team of experts at Pan India.

Our anechoic chambers are designed with complete sound insulation, which guarantees better acoustic performance. We also offer comprehensive service and feasibility checks with proper building measurements.

Anechoic chambers are essential for conducting research and development work in a quiet environment. Envirotech’s soundproof, low-maintenance, weather, impact, and damage-resistant and fire-resistant anechoic chambers are the perfect solution to your noise reduction needs. Contact us for customized design and manufacturing to suit your requirements.

These chambers are particularly useful for high-precision acoustic measurements in the design and improvement of devices and components such as automotive components, home appliances, microphones, information technology devices, mobile phones, and loudspeakers. As the name suggests, Anechoic Chambers produce no echo because the enclosed area prevents sound from reflecting or reverberating.