Acoustic Enclosure Manufacturer

Envirotech is a Leading Acoustic Enclosure Manufacturer, in India. We provide acoustic enclosure for every industrial noise problem like acoustic enclosure for turbines, compressor, air blower glass crusher machines, turbine, fin press, power plants, punch press, DG sets, chiller, etc. Specialized in Controlling heavy machine Noise. Provides Soundproof operator Cabin, Test Chambers, Sound Proof Enclosure, Turbine Acoustic Enclosures Compressor Enclosures, Room Acoustic, and Acoustic treatment For Industrial Noise Control.

Noise Barrier To reduce the noise made by machines and mechanical units, we deliver acoustic enclosures, tailor-made for particular situation, for indoor and outdoor use.  Leading manufacturers of Plant Noise Control Acoustic products i.e. Acoustic Enclosure Manufacturers, Noise barriers, Acoustic Louvers, Anechoic Chambers, and Echo Control Baffles for noise control. We do everything from 5kva to 2,000kva DG sets. Your best protection against noise problems is a custom-built enclosure. Our Acoustic Enclosures are used extensively in the automotive industry and home appliances industry for noise testing. Some acoustic sections are designed to reduce sound in the frequencies at which human hearing is most sensitive.

Soundproof Enclosure

They also prevent exterior sounds from penetrating interior spaces.  Other acoustic enclosures are designed to attenuate noise at frequencies that might interfere with critical measurements or high-precision manufacturing processes. This soundproof enclosure is designed to reduce sound transmission and prevent sound from getting out, so you can enjoy your favorite video game in peace. Acoustic Enclosure specializes in industrial noise problems.

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Acoustic Enclosure

Envirotech Acoustic Enclosure manufacturers have proven themselves in use all over the world while improving working conditions and protecting the environment.  We place the highest value on stable, long-life design, ease of dismantling, and high acoustic effectiveness. We live in a modern world where we can’t escape sound. Whether it’s in the air, in our homes, or on the street, there are unique challenges we all face.

But with our acoustic enclosures, you’ll be able to maintain success while feeling comfortable and in control of your environment. To achieve living comfort, designing a system to the required noise level requires practical knowledge, technical skills, and experience. We design soundproofing systems and make a complete line of modular engineered systems incorporating acoustic panels. If desired, we deliver the enclosure including the entire electrical installation, ventilation system, and other accessories according to the client’s requirements.

Technical Features of Acoustic Enclosure

  • We offer customized solutions in accordance with the ISO 14001 & CPCB norms of noise pollution.
  • The acoustic enclosures have a hinge-type door that is fitted with a gasket to prevent leakage of noise.
  • The door has a spring load lock to hold it in place, which can be opened from both sides.
  • The level of lighting maintained inside the acoustic enclosure is 300 LUX
  • We provide cut-outs in the acoustic panels which can be used for cables or pipes.
  • The Acoustic panels come with the feature of a CRCA / GI perforated sheet.
  • Auto CAD facilities will include all kinds of piece-marked assemblies along with detailed drawings.
  • Two coats of primer & automotive paint in the desired shade.
Types Of Acoustic Enclosure