Sand Trap Louver

The Sand Trap Louver is an external louver used in dry, dusty, or sandy environments. Specially designed to remove the bulk of airborne sand and dust from inlet air whilst maintaining reasonable airflow rate characteristics by means of a special double U-blade design. Sand and dust are evacuated from the base of the louver by a special sand collection/dispersion cell, keeping maintenance to a minimum. The sand trap louvers can be used as natural ventilators or to alleviate the load on the main filtration stages of air conditioning equipment.

The sand trap louvers are designed with a set of U channels arranged in series on the side Composed of two sets of inverted U channels mounted vertically on two opposite rows. This arrangement creates resistance or barrier for the sand particles in the intake air and thus settles down.

The Sand Trap Louver is a lightweight, external louver with a wide path of moving air. Designed to be used in dry, dusty, or sandy environments, this louver can block out unwanted dust or sand from reaching your desk and monitors. Aluminum construction, Model SL Sand Trap Louvers have been designed as first-stage separators of airborne sand and dust, thereby reducing dust loading.

The Sand Trap Louver is an external louver used in dry, dusty, or sandy environments. Designed to protect important equipment from sandblasting, the louver allows limited access while maintaining a safe and secure working environment. This product is easy to install and conforms to an existing building or architectural standards.

Use of Sand Trap Louvers

The Sand Trap Louver is used as a pre-filter for the protection of air conditioning plants in areas exposed to extreme levels of industrial pollution A sand trap provides for the quick removal of settleable (sand) particles from the water, in order to prevent damage to mechanical components in the water treatment plant. A sand trap is usually carried out as a concrete gutter, where the waste water flows through while sand particles settle.