Acoustic Wooden Door

Envirotech Systems Limited is a leading manufacturer of  Acoustic Wooden Door in India. Wooden Acoustic Doors are essential whenever high sound reduction performance is required between noise-sensitive areas. Acoustic Wooden doors are the cheaper alternative to metallic doors, most suited for interior applications. The Envirotech Systems made Acoustic Wooden doors look beautiful and work as powerful sound insulators doors. Our wooden doors meet the latest industry standards. We design these doors in all largely used specifications and are open to catering to any specification that you may be looking for.

We use good quality wood to make the Acoustic Wooden Doors. The section dimensions are 125 mm x 75 mm fitted with a ‘D’ type rubber gasket to block any possible noise leakage from the gap. We are capable of supplying the Acoustic Wooden Door in bulk. Our Acoustic Wooden Doors are damage-resistant, abuse resistant, beautiful to look at, prevent maximum noise from passing through them, and are an economical alternative. They can be used for interiors in multiple places like residences, workplaces, educational institutes, and many more.

For better sound insulation, striking looks, and quality noise mitigating product at budget-friendly rates, Envirotech Systems is the right place to be at. Get in touch with us now for more details. Wooden Acoustic doors are manufactured from suitable Wooden sections to suit the size of the door opening. Let us know your specific requirement and sit back and relax while our team fabricates the best quality Acoustic Wooden Doors for you.

Specifications of Acoustic Wooden Doors

Door Type: Wooden Acoustic Door

Door Frame: 100×50 or customize

Shutter Thickness: 60mm & 85mm or customize

Door Size: 900×2100, 1800×2100, 900×2000,1800x2000mm or customize.

Infill Material: Sound Proof Insulation

Acoustic Performance: 36 STC & 44 STC

Tested From: National Physical Laboratory

Uses of Wooden Acoustic Doors

DJ room, Conference room, Radio & TV Broadcast Studios, Audiometric Room, Office Studio, Engine Test Cell Room, and Auditorium.