Semi Automatic Sliding Folding Partitions

A Semi-Automatic Sliding Folding Partitions System is a sliding partition in which the panels are opened manually but closed automatically on their own with the help of a drop-down sealing mechanism. The system can be used for frameless glass as well as framed / wooden panels.

As the name suggests, Semi-Automatic Sliding Folding Partition is a sliding partition that is operated partially manually and partially automatically. Its panels are opened manually but close automatically on their own. This is not achieved by using any electrical connection or lever. It provides effective space management along with a beautiful look. Standard locks can be integrated with the system to keep it secure.

Our Semi-Automatic Sliding Folding Partition is best suited for office interiors and meeting rooms, conference and function suits, sports and leisure facilities, education establishments, exhibition centers, as well as hotels and restaurants. We keep the utmost focus on the quality of our products. Complying with this, our Semi-Automatic Sliding Partitions are made up of robust materials that make them durable. They are resistant to external damage factors like weather and all types of abuse. They are cost-effective, hence, affordable to all kinds of businesses or professionals looking for sliding folding partitions.

The beautiful look is maintained by using the aesthetically appealing color and texture of the materials. They are stylish and easy to operate, therefore, tick all the boxes for you. We have products available in all standard sizes and specifications. We also cater to any specific requirement you may have. Our team of experts is here to address your requirements. Contact us now for the best deals on Semi-Automatic Sliding Folding Partitions.