Acoustic Enclosure For Turbine

Envirotech Systems Limited Acoustic Enclosure For Turbine does not provide a one-size-fits-all solution, we custom manufacture a soundproof turbine enclosure that fits your space and fits your needs to a tee. With the materials, configuration, and finish, Envirotech Systems Specialty cancustom manufacture a soundproof enclosure that meets your requirements. Acoustic Enclosure For the Turbines produces a great deal of noise.It even goes above the permissible level in the environment. To tackle this issue of noise produced by the usage of turbines, Envirotech Systems brings to you, highly effective acoustic enclosures designed as per the specifications. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all in the case of acoustic enclosures for turbines, which is why; we have tailored solutions for all types of turbine noise.

Turbine Enclosure Manufacturer

The Turbine Enclosure Manufacturer is fitted with an exhaust outlet and a blower to release the build-up of heat and humidity. The air vents ensure that there is plenty of air circulation inside the turbine enclosure. The inlet and outlet are insulated and fitted with silencers and acoustic louvers to prevent the leakage of noise.

We take special measures to make our product world-class. Envirotech Systems made turbine enclosures have collapsible walls and roof panels. These panels are acoustically treated and bolted together to form the acoustic structure. All the parts, individually and together, comply with the noise level regulations.

The turbine enclosure has windows and doors which are soundproof enclosure and the gaps are treated in a way that they do not let any noise escape. All of these qualities help our turbine enclosure to provide a good amount of sound insulation and acoustic control.

The Turbine Acoustic Enclosure comprises collapsible type Acoustic Wall and Roof Panels assembled on the bolted structure. The enclosure will be provided with soundproof doors and glass windows in adequate numbers. To take away the heat built up inside the enclosure, a forced ventilation package with a ventilation exhaust blower, ventilation intake silencer, and ventilation exhaust silencer will be provided. The openings that are required for piping, cables, etc.

At Envirotech Systems, we also cater to the demand of particularly required elements, for instance, lighting, fire detection, sensors, et cetera, thus providing a customized solution. We take utmost care not to affect the existing structure. Our team of experts is fully equipped to meet all your requirements from an acoustic enclosure to a turbine. Get in touch with us now for more details.