Wooden Slats

Envirotech Systems Limited manufacturer of Wooden Slats provides the best NRC value and aesthetically pleasing look for walls and ceilings. The wooden Acoustic panel has a combination of Grooved Wooden Slats and Helmholtz perforation for controlling the sound reverberation and echo.

Envirotech Wooden Slats are high-performance acoustical products with an exceptional visual appearance. Wooden Slats Acoustical panels come in a variety of configurations to meet all interior and acoustical requirements and provide balanced sound reflection and absorption through grooves and perforations.

Envirotech Wooden Slats made out of Pre laminated 16 mm Thick high-density MDF/HDF Board of density 700-800Kg/m3, acoustic panel size will be: 128mm x 2440 mm, Groove Size 2-4mm at an interval of 28 mm c/c as per acoustic design, The wooden acoustic panels to be backed with black acoustic fleece.

The Grooved Acoustic Panel is laminated in the desired shade as per the Engineer In-charge / Architect’s approval. The GI Grid channel is 50 x 32mm thick and made out of GI sheet, 0.5 mm thick covered with Ply strip, and then utilized headless nails for the final finish. The grid size will be – 600 x 900mm fixed to the wall using screws. The cavity of the grid shall be filled with a 50mm thick compressed Rockwool tile of 48kg/m3 confirming IS8183 as infill.

Grooved Wooden Slats

Envirotech Systems Limited brings to you sound-dampening wooden panels which absorb surrounding noise while creating an aesthetic look so that there is absolutely no bargain for a peaceful environment. The Grooved Wooden Slats at Envirotech Systems are designed using environmentally friendly materials.

The panels are handcrafted not only to transform the look visually but to create a more comfortable, quiet, and relaxing space. Our clients speak of enhanced productivity with open hearts after switching to Envirotech Systems sound-dampening wooden panels.

The unique finish of these panels provides a rustic yet comforting look. Our wooden slats are the perfect solution for sound absorption and are handcrafted from fully sustainable materials, which makes them last longer and perform better.

They can be easily installed. We offer wooden slats in various shapes, sizes, and colors to go with your existing design while enhancing its look and feel as a whole. We take orders in bulk and are known for supplying quality products in a quick turnaround time.

We comply with industry standards for better results. There is a diverse range of services and products available at Envirotech Systems to fulfill all your acoustic requirements. Contact us today to get the best deals. Bad acoustics not only keeps you in bad mood but also hampers productivity and peace of mind.

Technical Parameter:

  • Core- MDF/HDF
  • Edge- Tongue, and groove/Square are both the option available
  • Density- 700-800kg/m3
  • NRC Value-0.90
  • RH- 70
  • Fire Rating- Class 1 & P
  • Light Reflection- Colour Dependent


Auditorium, Cinema hall, Theaters, Music hall, Stadium, Lecture Hall, Library, Multi-function Hall, Hotel, Museum, Meeting rooms, Conference Hall, Business office, and other public places.