NVH Test Chamber

The NVH Test Chamber is mostly used in manufacturing industries for the testing of multiple pieces of equipment like motors, engines, speakers, and air conditioners, as well as in automotive sectors to check and control reverberations and engine noise. They equip one with controlled acoustic in the ambient environment, accurate tests, and reliability.

We specialize in designing and developing NVH Test Chamber for numerous purposes like powertrain engineering and development, seat track mechanism testing, vehicle climate component testing, transmission, and brake testing, interior cabin noise testing, 4-poster testing as well as material NRC and TL Research Testing.

In order to check the characteristics of acoustic materials, NVH Test Chambers are quite popularly used. These chambers create a monitored acoustic environment that can further be used to perform recurring and accurate testing for Noise, Vibration, and Harshness, which is what NVH stands for. These chambers prove as an efficient measure for NVH Test and control.

Our NVH Test chambers are highly reliable, and soundproof so as to ensure no noise escapes the chamber, are damage resistant, and are easy to relocate. They guarantee sound isolation to the maximum degree. Envirotech Systems vouches for the best quality products that are also budget-friendly. Hence, our NVH Chambers, and Anechoic Chamber are both low maintenance and the best in the market at the same time. We look forward to providing you with the best-performing NVH Test chambers that you have been looking for. Contact us now for the best deals.

NVH Test Booth

The purpose of an NVH test chamber is to provide a controlled and isolated environment for the testing and evaluation of products, free from external noises and vibrations. The NVH test chamber is designed to reduce or eliminate any external noise and vibration that may interfere with the measurement and evaluation process.

The chamber walls, floor, and ceiling are typically constructed of heavy-duty materials such as concrete or steel that are designed to prevent sound from entering or escaping the chamber. In addition, the chamber may also be equipped with soundproof doors, windows, and ventilation systems that are designed to prevent external sounds from entering the chamber and to control the internal environment.

Inside the NVH test chamber, a wide range of testing equipment and tools are used to measure and evaluate the performance of the product under test. These may include microphones, sound level meters, accelerometers, and other specialized equipment. The data collected from these instruments is then analyzed to determine the noise and vibration levels of the product and to identify any potential problems or areas for improvement.