Metallic Anechoic Wedge

Envirotech Metallic Anechoic Wedges are designed for cut-off frequencies as per testing requirements. Metallic wedges provided excellent sound absorption over a wide frequency range and provide required testing requirements for achieving noise level & cut-off frequency inside. The wedges are infilled with sound-absorbing layers with a combination of high density in the base & low density in its tip/peak.

The metallic anechoic wedges are designed for semi-anechoic chambers / anechoic chambers. Envirotech Systems is a manufacturer of anechoic chambers, semi-anechoic chambers, and metallic wedges. The product is utilized for components/ complete products in industries like Automobile, HVAC, Audio, etc.

Technical Specifications of Metallic Anechoic Wedge

Envirotech Metallic Anechoic wedges are constructed of GI mesh with 42% free area or customized for maximum absorption and shall be filled with high-quality sound-absorbing material fiberglass/ Rockwool conforming to BS (British Standard) 476, ISO 1182 & IS 3808. The material used shall be flameproof and fire-retardant & confirming to BS 6853 (toxicity index 0.65) – NON-EMISSION OF SMOKE and TOXIC GASES.

Material: Perforated GI mesh filled with acoustic fiberglass conforming to BS 476.

Shape: Triangular tip with parallel piped base.

Outer shell: Perforated GI sheet.

Color: Powder-coated off-white shade / Color choice of the client.

Acoustic Insulation filler: Confirming to ASTM C 423 / ISO 354; NRC> 0.95, Fire Resistance, high durability.

Free Field Room: A room whose walls, ceiling, and floor are lined with sound-absorbing materials to minimize all sound reflections, also known as an anechoic room.

  • Guaranteed acoustic performance, with very low cut-off frequencies.
  • Compliance with international test standards, including ISO 3745, ISO 3744, and ISO 26101.
  • Superior fire and impact resistance.
  • Greater durability and a longer lifespan.
  • Ease of cleaning to ensure an “as new” appearance throughout their working life.
  • A bright, healthy, and safe working environment for test personnel.
  • Bespoke paint options are available to match corporate colors.