Automotive Noise Test Booth

Automotive Noise Test Booth Manufacturer

Envirotech Automotive Noise Test Booth has proven itself in use all over the world while improving working conditions and protecting the environment. Noise Barrier For the reduction of noise made by machines and mechanical units, we deliver acoustic enclosures, tailor-made for the particular situation, for both indoor and outdoor use. Automotive Noise Test Booth: Automotive Noise test is a process of product analysis for different kinds of automobile products under different kinds of environmental conditions. We place the highest value on stable, long-life design, ease in dismantling, and high acoustic effectiveness. If desired, we deliver the enclosure including the entire electrical installation, ventilation system as well as other accessories according to the client’s requirements.

Automotive Noise Test Booths, also known as Sound Test Chambers, are one of the most-effective solutions for redundant noise. It is widely used to control the surrounding noise as well as reduce the noise of the machinery and equipment. Automotive Noise Test Booths reduce sound reflections hence aiding with the increment in the accuracy of intensity measurement.

Our Automotive Noise test booths have been scientifically designed with precise precision to provide specific data. It is used extensively in the automotive industry and in other motor manufacturing industries. It is made of an acoustic dampening base material providing both online and offline testing facilities. As the name suggests this noise test chamber has been specially designed to use in the manufacture and assembly of products including air conditioners and refrigerators among many other heavy machines. The Automotive Noise test booth is used for identifying defects in the machine parts using sound testing.

Features of Assembly Line Noise Test Booth

Automatic window: The soundproof window remains automatically closed during equipment sound testing. The opening and closing of the windows are directly linked with the functioning of the test chamber. The acoustic performance of the window is 40 dB(A) at an ambient of 75 dB(A).

Conveyor belt: The Assembly line noise test chamber has a conveyor belt that allows the entry and exit of the products into the test chamber. The conveyor has automatic sensors to stop and start.

Hinge-type opening: The opening of the assembly line noise test booth has pneumatic cylinders to control the opening. The entry and exit windows have a lever that is used to control them. The sound control performance of this opening is 35 dB(A) with an ambient of 85 dB(A).

Automotive Noise Test Booth Manufacturer


The Noise Test Booth is used in many areas such as the manufacturing industries to test horns, motors, air conditioners, speakers, etc. Noise test booths are also used in the automotive sector to check reverberation and engine noise. The noise test booth with acoustic material all around prevents the floor noise from penetrating the enclosure.

The NVH Test Chamber are usually custom designed according to the client specific need. They are manufactured with the dimensions and for the sound level required. The NVH test chamber manufacturer in India. This analysis is performed by our experienced and qualified acoustic engineers who measure the noise levels.

The Anechoic Chamber is usually constructed of cement and bricks. The interiors of the anechoic chamber have been designed to provide total sound insulation. The chamber is totally insulated not allowing the penetration of noise from any external sources. The reverberation time is very low for various audio frequencies in the Anechoic Chamber.

Envirotech Audiometric Chambers are engineered to create controlled environments that isolate external noise and provide accurate and reliable hearing assessment results. Envirotech audiometric chambers are also designed with functionality and ease of use in mind.

The Semi-Anechoic Chamber Manufacturer is widely used as recording rooms and for filming movie scenes. Most TV studios, Audio production studios, radio studios etc. are semi anechoic chambers. The semi anechoic chamber is also popular as a project laboratory or computer laboratory and a listening room.

Envirotech – Metallic Anechoic Wedges are made with perforated metallic sheet, acoustic foam and fiberglass tissue paper pasted from inside in perforated sheet. Perforated sheet shall be powder coated in any shade. Envirotech Metallic Anechoic wedges can absorb high range of frequencies. We are manufacture of Metallic Anechoic Wedges in Pan India.

The small anechoic test chamber enables the testing of devices with consistently accurate results. Repeated testing of devices is a lot easier in a mini anechoic chamber which can be placed closer at hand than having to transport the devices to a large anechoic chamber.

Envirotech Systems is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Engine Test Cell Acoustic Treatment and acoustic treatment for engine test cells. Engine Test Cell Acoustic Treatment refers to the process of reducing the sound or noise levels generated during engine testing activities