Acoustic Enclosure for Compressor

Acoustic Enclosure for Compressor offers a complete range of soundproof enclosures to suit any application. Compressor acoustic enclosure can be modular construction to a complete drop-over canopy. We can deliver the right amount of sound attenuation to enclosure your compressor and ensure a noise-free environment at the workplace. This acoustic panel can be easily and fast installed on time due to its prefabricated nature.

The acoustic enclosure is separate equipment used to cover compressors with the purpose of reducing noise emission and keeping it below the required level. Its usage ensures that there is no noise resonance. The team of experts at Envirotech Systems has set up many acoustic enclosures for air compressors and wire bending machines while successfully achieving a noise reduction to a 30dB(A) threshold, which is as per IS:12065-1987 clause No. 3.3.1 for noise measurement.

The body of the compressor acoustic enclosure is made for endurance. It is galvanized with a non-corrosive zinc coating to ensure it will not damage easily in rough weather conditions. The enclosure has a sliding door that operates on a grooved pulley. Provisions for cables and pipes are sealed after installation of the compressor to prevent noise leakage. The enclosure also has acoustic windows for viewing. These windows are made of double-glazed glass which is soundproof and weatherproof.

Acoustic Enclosure Manufacturer

Envirotech Systems Limited designed acoustic enclosures to ensure a noise-free environment by providing the right amount of sound insulation. The compressor acoustic enclosures are fabricated using an acoustic construction panel system for walls and roofs. Our team of experts designs the acoustic panels to provide different STC ratings specified as per the noise reduction requirements. These are made to be installed easily and faster as they are pre-fabricated. They are demountable for relocation and maintenance.

Our products are high-quality concentric and we always follow the best industry standards. Envirotech Systems designed acoustic enclosure for compressors is durable, damage-resistant, and fits in your budget. We have products ready to be installed and we can cater to high-volume orders. Get in touch with us today for the best in the industry Acoustic Enclosure for Compressors.