Acoustic Wedges/Pyramid Foams

Widely accepted as the industry standard, Acoustic Wedges/Pyramid Foams are a great choice for improving audio clarity and reducing reverberation. Be it for offices or home studios, or combine it with Bass Absorbers for a complete home theatre experience, our Acoustic Wedges/Pyramid Foams are a great way of controlling low to high-frequency noise. Acoustic foam is worth buying if you want to attenuate airborne sound waves. By attaching acoustic foam to ceilings, doors, and walls, you’ll be able to control overall vibration, noise levels, and echoes.

Envirotech Systems Limited designed Pyramid/Wedge Foams are a durable, reliable, and high-performance solution to your sound control needs, that too at a budget-friendly price. When compared, Pyramid foam’s unique design offers slightly different performance characteristics than wedge foam, with its greater surface area.

Envirotech Acoustic Foam Manufacturer

The four sides, rather than the two of the wedge, offer extra diffusion but slightly less absorption for different usage styles, which is better suited for some specific needs. Our Acoustic Wedge/Pyramid Foam is a versatile solution suitable for rooms of any size. We custom-design the acoustic wedges/pyramid foams to suit your specific needs if any. Whether you have a live venue, recording studio, or home theater, Pyramid acoustic foam panels are the best for improving sound quality and reducing echo or reverberation.

The wedge shape creates a wide range of reflective angles, which are ideal for achieving natural bass and guitar sounds. They are particularly effective in corners and other areas of low amplification. Only the highest quality Acoustic Wedge/Pyramid Foams are available, AcoustiTreat’s range of products is both acoustically transparent and affordable. They are particularly effective in corners and other areas of low amplification.

Our Pyramid Acoustic PU Foams reduce noise to 1/3 of its original level while dampening vibration by 40%. It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking to enhance the acoustic quality in their home, office, studio, or garage. We’ve got your needs covered with our high-quality acoustic foam that makes noise reduction and sound control simple.

Uses of Acoustic Wedges/Pyramid Foam

  • Reduces destructive specular reflections.
  • Reduces room modes.
  • Reduces comb filtering.
  • Reduces standing waves.
  • Attenuates sound pressure build-up in rooms.