Air intake and discharge silencer

Intake silencers suppress the air-borne noise produced by equipment that uses ventilators or blowers.  The intake of atmospheric air and discharge pressure. Along with enclosed noise sources that require ventilation, the air intake and discharge silencer are also used to reduce the noise from building openings, equipment enclosures, and plenum systems.

Envirotech Systems designed air intake and discharge silencers are recommended by industry experts. A few applications for these silencers can be for noise reduction produced by gas turbines, large electrical motors, generators, fans & blowers, cooling towers, and HVAC equipment among many others. Our silencers incur a low total cost of ownership and ensure high reliability and the units are custom designed to meet standard environmental requirements. We also supply accessories such as intake filters, mounting sports for vertical and horizontal installation, and flex connectors.

Our years of expertise in designing, producing, and supplying air intake and discharge silencers incapables us to fulfill all your requirements related to silencers. Contact us today for more details. The main function of the silencer is to modify the sound which is generated from the airflow of the equipment. The silencers can serve the purpose of reducing noise or can be used for noise suppression and noise suppression with heat recovery at the same time.

These silencers muffle the noise and help in maintaining the environmental noise pollution norms. Power generation equipment needs to have noise control measures in place to deal with noise pollution. Our turnkey solutions using an air intake and discharge silencers for industrial machines are very effective, especially for diesel generators, gas turbines, compressors, and combined heat and power systems.

The noise reduction capabilities of the air intake and discharge silencer are from 10 dB(A) to 50dB(A). The design of the silencer can be rectangular or circular depending on the area of application. We also make specific designs for low-frequency noise control.