Acoustic Enclosure For Chiller

acosutic enclosure for chiller


The Acoustic Enclosure For Chiller is basically used to cover various machines. Our acoustic Enclosure For Chiller is manufactured using quality-tested material and progressive techniques under strict vigilance by our Professionals. Envirotech Acoustic Enclosure For Chillers is thoroughly inspected against several parameters in accordance with defined industry standards before dispatching the delivery to our customers. Air Cooled Chillers are loud machines.

They generate noise that is the combination of mid to high-frequency noise, where high-frequency noise is generated by the screw compressors (bottom of the unit) and low-frequency noise is generated by the up-blast fans (top of unit).

Acoustic Enclosure for chiller

The Chillers are often placed in open area equipment yards constructed of “hard” cinder blocks that create a reverberant sound field that magnifies and redirects noise to the surrounding community. To control this noise, the chillers should be placed inside acoustic enclosures. Additionally, outdoor air-cooled chillers are prone to humidity which creates the need of having plenty of ventilation for airflow and humidity checks.

At Envirotech Systems, we ensure all of these factors are taken into consideration while designing the acoustic enclosure for chillers. They are designed with aero-dynamic louvers which have lips with splitters that ensure that the sound emitted through the vents is minimal. They are made modular so that disassembling and re-assembling them is always possible with minimum effort. All the parts are acoustically treated. The product complies with ISO 14001 standards. Our acoustic enclosures for the chiller have been proven to provide the best results.

The acoustic louvers allow silenced airflow which can be done using acoustic-grade fiberglass. The lips of the air vent blades are shaped as splitters; this provides protection against the weather including rain. A plant enclosure generally uses ESL Acoustic Enclosure For Chiller which is designed with sound bafflers. It allows free airflow with reduced radiation. We provide customized acoustic solutions according to the client’s requirements. We take and meet specific requirements if there are any. We are capable of delivering orders in large quantities. Contact us today for the best deals.