Polycarbonate/PMMA Noise barrier

Envirotech Polycarbonate/PMMA Noise Barrier Sound barriers are most effective at mid-and high-frequencies, while low-frequency sounds may require the use of longer and taller sound walls for mitigation. While the sound insertion loss of a sound barrier can be limited, it can be often optimized to provide sufficient reduction of the offensive sounds. The height and length relationship of sound barriers is well documented.

The rise in industrial and commercial development has led to excessive noise pollution. To control pollution and prevent the hazards it may bring along, the Noise barrier is the most effective measure. Polycarbonate/ PMMA Noise barrier is widely used as a soundproofing measure in commercial and residential areas that run along the highway, railways, and bridges.

Polycarbonate Noise Barrier is proven to have ninety-five percent light transmission capability which enables it to substantially abate noise pollution while preserving visual. At Envirotech Systems, we have a wide variety of noise barriers available in various eye-pleasing colors which add aesthetics to the environment it is used in. We have broadly two types of Noise Barriers, viz., absorptive type and reflective type. They are colored, translucent, inclined, or wrapped around as per the demand.

Polycarbonate Noise Barrier Manufacturers

Our Polycarbonate/PMMA Noise Barriers are lightweight, UV Protected, Impact Resistant, Weather Resistant, Noncorrosive, Flexible, Light transmitting, Noise reducing, and class B Fire Resistant. They are of uniform quality, and chemical resistant and all these qualities make them durable. They are made up of steel or aluminum. To make it protected against weather, the supporting frame is galvanized.

Our products are budget-friendly, quality-assured, and of the best standards available in the market. They are ready to install and well-suited for all kinds of environments. Our team of professionals is here to address your specific requirement for a Noise Barrier. Noise barriers are commonly used outdoors in situations where some neighborhoods need protection against the high-frequency sound disturbing their peace.

This would include areas near airports, highways, railway lines, industrial or manufacturing units, or even from construction sites. Sound pollution is damaging the environment in a dangerous way and regulatory bodies have now enforced measures for noise control. Industries and other noise-generating plants are required to install sound attenuation devices to protect the surrounding environment. Call us today for more details.