How are noise barriers designed and placed along highways, railways, and other transportation routes?

An Envirotech Noise Barrier is a sound barrier made of sustainable materials and equipped with technologies that minimize noise pollution in the environment. Envirotech noise barriers are an innovative solution to reduce noise pollution in the environment while promoting sustainability. They are typically made of recycled and eco-friendly materials, such as recycled plastic, reclaimed wood, or bamboo. The use of such materials reduces the carbon footprint of noise barrier construction and installation, making them more sustainable than traditional barriers.

Envirotech noise barriers can be customized to fit different environments and architectural designs, making them an ideal solution for both urban and rural areas. They can be installed along highways, railways, construction sites, residential neighborhoods, and industrial areas, reducing noise levels and enhancing the quality of life for nearby communities. We work with our expert team in Pan India.

Types of noise barriers:

Metallic Noise barrier

This Metallic Noise Barrier is the best way to block any noise pollution Control. It is an effective way to control the noise that disturbs your life. For those seeking a reliable and long-lasting product, these Noise barriers have been manufactured with the latest technology, and our range is built to last.

Road Noise Barrier

Road noise barriers are designed to mitigate the effects of traffic noise control along the highway. Road Noise barriers primarily block the direction of the sound between the source.

Polycarbonate Noise Barrier

Polycarbonate is the most effective material for noise absorption and helps to ensure a quiet atmosphere. Polycarbonate as a material has superior properties which makes it a preferred material as a noise control barrier.

Temporary Noise Barrier

A Temporary Noise Barrier is the perfect solution for your noisy construction site. Designed to be light, portable, and easy to install, our Temporary Noise Barrier will reduce noise from the outside by up to 30 dB. Say goodbye to the need for earplugs, and hello to a quieter work environment.

Railway Noise Barrier

A Railway Noise Barrier is used between the building and incoming noise like a railway track. It is used for reducing noise pollution in railway stations, parking lots, highways, convention centers, and more. It contains soundproofing insulation and sound absorption material in its panels which helps in eliminating harsh sounds from outside.

Construction Site Noise Barrier

This Noise Barrier is the perfect solution for Construction sites. These barriers significantly reduce noise from construction sites near residential areas and make your life easier in the process.

The placement of noise barriers is determined by various factors like the proximity of the noise source and receiver, the physical characteristics of the site, and any regulations or guidelines governing noise pollution. Noise barriers may be placed alongside highways or railways, between the noise source and the receiver, or in other areas where noise pollution is a concern.